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How to Remove Self Adhesive Velcro Tape?

Self Adhesive Velcro Tape

Before we talk about how to get rid of Velcro, let’s learn more about it first. Self Adhesive Velcro Tape consists of two parts: one side is rough like a cat’s paw, and the other side is soft like a fuzzy blanket. When you press them together, the rough side grabs onto the soft side, creating a strong bond. You can use Self Adhesive Velcro Tape to fasten things like shoes, and jackets, or even organize cables and wires. It’s easy to use and can be reused many times! Taking off Self Adhesive Velcro Tape can turn into a battle, especially on tough surfaces. The super strong glue holding it on gets even stronger over time, making it hard to budge. For delicate surfaces like wood or painted walls, which can get scratched or damaged if not careful, this holds especially true.So, the key is to be gentle and use the right method to avoid any unwanted marks or tears.

Removing Velcro tape

Tools and Techniques

Don’t worry, taking off Self Adhesive Velcro Tape doesn’t have to be a war! We’ve got some tricks to help. One way is to use heat. A hairdryer or heat gun, on low heat, can soften the glue holding the Velcro on. This makes it easier to peel it off without hurting the surface underneath. Just be gentle and take your time when peeling so you don’t rip anything. Another effective technique is to use a solvent or adhesive remover to dissolve the adhesive. Grab a solvent like rubbing alcohol or even some nail polish remover (be careful on some surfaces!). These work by dissolving the glue, making the hook and loop tape velcro easy to peel off. Just dab some on the Velcro, let it sit for a few minutes to work its magic, then gently remove the Self Adhesive Velcro Tape. Easy! For Self Adhesive Velcro Tape that just won’t budge with heat or solvents, a scraping tool or a plastic putty knife can be your heroes. But be careful! Go slow and scrape gently to avoid scratching the surface. If marks are a concern, the tool can be wrapped in a soft cloth for extra protection.

Precautions and Considerations

Before attempting to remove Self Adhesive Velcro tape from any surface, it’s essential to assess the material and consider the potential for damage. Check before you wreck! Not all surfaces are created equal. Before you attack that velcro tape roll, take a peek at what you’re dealing with. Delicate things like painted walls or fancy wallpaper can’t handle strong chemicals or scraping. For these, stick with gentler methods like heat or special removers to avoid any unwanted damage. Additionally, always test any removal method in a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure that it does not cause any damage or discoloration. Before you go crazy on that Self Adhesive Velcro Tape, test any removal method you choose in a hidden spot first. This way, you can make sure it won’t stain or damage the surface. Take your time and be gentle, especially with valuable or irreplaceable items. In some cases, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance for removing Velcro from particularly challenging surfaces. If you’ve tried everything and that Velcro is still clinging on for dear life, especially on a tricky surface, don’t despair!  Professional cleaners or restoration experts have seen it all. They’ve got the fancy tools and the know-how to remove even the toughest adhesive safely, leaving your surface as good as new.

Getting Rid of Self Adhesive Velcro Tape Residue

Even after you’ve peeled away the double sided velcro tape, you might find yourself dealing with a sticky aftermath: adhesive residue. Some easy solutions for removing that stubborn stickiness have got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through using common household items like vinegar, baking soda, or WD-40 (but remember to test them first), as well as specially formulated adhesive removers. You might be left with some sticky gunk after wrestling off that Self Adhesive Velcro Tape. But don’t worry, a common household item can come to the rescue: vinegar!  The acidity in vinegar helps break down stubborn adhesive. Just dampen a cloth with vinegar and rub gently on the sticky spot. The residue should be lifted away easily! With vinegar gently rub the affected area until the residue starts to lift away. Another option is baking soda, a versatile ingredient with countless uses. Create a paste by mixing baking soda with a small amount of water, then apply it to the adhesive residue. Let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it with a soft brush or cloth.

Proven Techniques for Sticky Residue Removal

The abrasive action of the baking soda can help loosen the residue for easier removal. For tougher adhesive residues, you may need to bring out the big guns: WD-40. The ability to dissolve sticky substances is renowned for this multi-purpose lubricant. Spray a small amount of WD-40 onto the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes to work its magic. Then, wipe away the residue with a clean cloth. Be sure to test WD-40 on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn’t damage the surface. If you’d rather skip the DIY route, there are plenty of commercial adhesive removers available on the market. To tackle stubborn residues without damaging surfaces, these products are specifically formulated. Simply follow the instructions on the packaging for the best results.

The Mechanical Method

Sometimes, to remove the sticky residue left behind, you may need to use a tool such as a scraper or a razor blade, and you may need to roll up your sleeves. These tools help gently scrape off the residue without messing up the surface underneath.

Here are some simple tips for using these tools:

  1. Choose the Right Tool: Pick a scraper or razor blade that matches the size and texture of the sticky stuff. A bendy plastic scraper or a razor blade with a smooth edge works best.
  2. Soften the Residue: Before scraping, warm up the sticky stuff to make it easier to remove. You can do this with a hair dryer or heat gun, but don’t get it too hot or you might damage the surface.
  3. Go Easy: Use gentle pressure when scraping to avoid scratching the surface. Hold the tool at a low angle and gently slide it over the residue, letting it come off bit by bit.
  4. Work Slowly: Instead of rushing, focus on one small area at a time. This gives you more control and lowers the chance of messing up.
  5. Keep it Clean: Wipe the tool clean with a cloth as you go to prevent gunk from building up. This helps you keep scraping smoothly.
  6. Test First: Before using the tool on a big area, try it out in a hidden spot to make sure it won’t damage anything


Mastering the removal of self-adhesive Velcro tape is a straightforward yet essential skill for maintaining clean surfaces. By adhering to the methods outlined in this guide, you can confidently tackle the task with ease. Begin by loosening the adhesive bond, employing gentle heat or a suitable solvent to facilitate the process. Carefully peel off the tape, taking care to minimize any residue left behind. For persistent residue, consider using rubbing alcohol or a commercial sticky residue remover, ensuring to test on a small area first. In cases where stubborn spots remain, employing tools like a scraper or razor blade can provide added assistance. Always exercise caution and patience throughout the removal process to avoid damaging surfaces. Remember, the goal is to restore surfaces to their original condition seamlessly. With practice and the right techniques, you can effectively remove self-adhesive Velcro tape without hassle. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently address any Velcro tape removal challenge and maintain a clean and tidy environment.

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What can I use VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop for?

VELCRO® Brand Products

The different industries VELCRO® Brand products serve.

You may or may not know this, but there are lots of different types of VELCRO® Hook & Loop. Different VELCRO® Brand products are utilised to offer many solutions. The range of products can be used to aid the needs and demands of a range of industries, including – industrial, construction, transportation, apparel and footwear to name but a few. VELCRO ® Brand products are great for everyday consumers to help with common jobs around the house and workplace.



VELCRO® Hook & Loop offers a greener solution for builders, architects, and manufacturers. Using VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop minimizes the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it also contributes to less job waste, not to mention it is more time-efficient and a cost effective option. 

What can VELCRO® Hook & Loop be used for in Construction?

Flooring – Reduce and rectify human errors with a fastener, making it easy to install hard and soft flooring. VELCRO® Fasteners are used on a range of materials such as carpet, wood, ceramics, LVT and PVT. Products can be utilised for both short-term and long-term installations. 

Building Envelope – Ensure the foundations are right from the get-go. With VELCRO® Brand Fasteners you can install components like ceilings, insulation, decorative panels, and much more. VELCRO® Hook & Loop offers fast and simple mounting and dismounting. Depending on your needs such as strength, open/close cycles, environment etc there are different options available. When using VELCRO® Brand Fasteners alongside nailing, stapling, and screwing you can expect a longer-lasting performance. 

Cable Management – Do you find your cables are in a mess or need them to be more organised? With VELCRO® Hook & Loop cable ties you can have an easy, adjustable, and reusable option. VELCRO® Brand products can provide a nice aesthetic finish to cables utilising the colour matching hook and loop whilst tidying and arranging cables.  

Explore our range on Industrial VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop here.



Did you know that VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop is used extensively in vehicles? Like the ones you drive daily, leading car manufacturers incorporate the product when putting together things like seat trim covers, interior linings, cable management etc. 

What can VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop be used for in Transportation?

Car Seats – The majority of seat designs need a certain tie-down system. The solutions offered by hook & loop enable adjustable solutions and a lot of strength in a range of designs. VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop die-cut pieces are effortlessly altered to fit different seat designs. 

Vehicle Interior – VELCRO® Brand Fasteners reduce production time by simplifying the construction of automotive interior parts, including carpets, door panels, headliners, seatbelts, and instrument panels. Velcro Companies manufacture hook and loop fastener products in a range of shapes and sizes to meet specific needs. Quick and simple assembly solutions are available for car headliners, with adhesive and non-adhesive binding options. Fasteners can also be used for fixing trunk accessories including – safety triangles, first aid kits and more.

Apparel & Footwear


You might not know this, but VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop is used for footwear apparel. Think about your children and their shoes – that’s hook & loop probably manufactured by Velcro Companies! Now, why would hook & loop be used you might ask, simple it meets the resistant requirements for weather, fire, and water, making it an ideal solution.

What can VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop be used for in Apparel and Footwear?

Outdoor Clothing – Due to extreme conditions, outdoor performance clothing depends on the dependability of VELCRO® Brand fasteners. The hook and loop solutions can be maximised across a range of products including jackets for hikers, skiers and more.

Workwear – Do you work on construction sites or in a warehouse or factory? Your workwear probably has a VELCRO® Fastener. Why? It holds together and can handle difficult weather having been designed around such circumstances. There is also the opportunity for fire retardant options when needed. 

Fashion – You would not automatically put fashion and VELCRO® Brand fasteners in the same sentence. But designers do! As a designer they require aesthetically pleasing solutions that perform, that is why they choose VELCRO® Brand Products and now so can you!

Bags and Other Accessories – Think about how often you use your backpack, handbag and other wearables. How many times do you fasten your bags? Quite a lot, so that is where you need durability and longevity – that’s why VELCRO® Brand fasteners are the ideal solution.

Look through our useful VELCRO® Brand portfolio, suitable for apparel and footwear.



If you want faster, and enhanced lifespan and functionality of your end product, you need VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Hook and loop is easy to use and minimise manufacturing times, material costs and labour. Whatever the strength you need a specific VELCRO® Brand product can be designed and manufactured to accommodate.

What can VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop be used for in Industrial applications?

Cable Management and Electronics – Cable management can be accommodated with both continuous tape and cable ties that provide solutions for a variety of industry professionals. Ease the installation process with soft cable ties and reusability are key factors in product longevity and environmental implications. 

Furnishing – As a Velcro Companies Premium Distributor we can accommodate your needs with VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop that can be used for furnishing. Velcro Companies supply and partner with leading furniture brands across the globe. Now you can use it too.

Textile & Haberdashery – What traditional fasteners are you using for haberdashery? Forget what you know – Velcro Companies woven and non-woven products are an intelligent alternative to what you’re used to. When you think of VELCRO® Brand – think of reliability and innovation and that’s why you need it.

Why not check out our industrial range.

Which VELCRO® Brand Fastener is the strongest and what can it be used for? 

VELCRO® Brand Sticky-Back Fasteners are ideal for light items, think of it this way if you’re constantly removing and adding these items – this is the VELCRO® Brand Product for you.

Need something more? Why not look at VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tape – you get 50% more holding power than normal hook and loop fasteners. If you need to use it for glass, metal and the majority of plastics, this is for you. Forget about screws and nails – a cleaner and easier solution.

Is this not enough? Don’t worry that’s where you can use VELCRO® Brand Alfa-Lok fasteners. This is the strongest fastener, and this is where we move into long term attachments where you will not be opening and closing as often. Expect high strength and an awesome option instead of screws and nails.

Here are 5 ways to use VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Fasteners

  • Install a smoke alarm without nails/screws.
  • Stop slipping rugs.
  • Install push lights.
  • Make a wall-mounted utensil holder.
  • Mount bathroom accessories on the wall.

Now you’re a hook & loop expert! For more about VELCRO® Brand products and how you can use them, keep an eye on socials and visit our website regularly for more posts and shop the latest VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop products!

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VELCRO® Cable Ties and Cable Management

VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties

Need to declutter your space?

Cable Management

VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties help keep messy wires organised. Perfect for home, school or the office, these hook and loop cable ties are easily adjustable and fully reusable without any hassle or risk of damaging cables.

It is time to get wrapped up in some Spring Cleaning!

VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties can keep drawers and supplies together seamlessly. They remain ideal for indoor or outdoor use in the home, shed, garage or office through a simple one-piece design wraps onto itself for a secure hold. These ties are ideal to organise drawers in tool chests, desks, or cabinets; keeps pens, pencils, brushes, and markers neat and tidy.

With VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties, you can tame those TV or computer wires, and even use coloured ones to help organise and identify. We have a ride range of colours and sizes available for varying requirements.

What is Cable Management and Why Is It Important?

Cable management is the organisation and tidying up of power, data, video, and other cables. This also includes heavy industry sites, warehouses, and factories. It is an essential part of installing electrical and data systems. Wiring everywhere can be inconvenient, messy, and unsafe, so having cable management solutions to hand is the best way to organise your electrical and data installations. Shop our Cable range here.

Features & Benefits: VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties 

VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties are highly versatile and offer an edge over conventional plastic ties as they are soft on cables and can also be used hundreds of times.

  • Strong and reusable – secure, trusted, and used by data and network centres across the globe, VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties fasteners can be easily reused and repositioned.
  • Convenient – allows convenient access when arranging computer, appliances, and electronic wires.
  • Safety – ideal for fibre and cable management, bundling, permanent or temporary applications and securing loose or long cords out of the way to eliminate tripping hazards.
  • Durable – can be adjusted, removed, and replaced as many times as necessary without compromising its integrity, as well as the ability to open and re-close to add more cables to the loop – quick and easy!
  • Environmental – Due to the fact that the ties are reusable this has strong benefits upon the environment as they prevent usage of single use plastic ties. The ties performance does not diminish providing reuse for its application a huge benefit.
  • Indoor and Outdoor use – With multi-use options for the home, shed, garage or office, they can safely be used indoors or outdoors for your organising and storage needs

Here at Marent Hook and Loop, we will always do our utmost to ensure that your cable management needs are covered.

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What is VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tape?


It is an industrial-strength tape that is ideal for DIY projects. It can be cut to the size that you require and is of the highest quality. Say goodbye to hooks and nails – this Heavy-Duty Tape is far more discreet!

What are the benefits of using VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tape?

  • Appealing alternative – VELCRO® BrandHeavy Duty Tape is an excellent alternative to using screws, nails, and glue, as it is hook and loop technology, which means it is easily adjustable.
  • Strength – It has great strength and remains low maintenance, but perhaps one of its greatest advantages is the ease of use. Hook and loop are locked together with just a press of the fabric. 50% stronger than standard hook and loop tape, it is able to hold up to 1lbs per square inch up to 10lbs.
  • Durability – Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these heavy-duty hook and loop fasteners are made with strong, water-resistant adhesive – perfect for even the most demanding of projects. It also has high adhesive temperature resistance, with medium tack adhesion.
  • Versatility – Not only do they have immense holding power, but they are also suitable for a wide range of smooth surfaces including wallboard, glass, metal, and most plastics to suit all of your domestic and work needs.

How do I use it?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Clean and dry surface before application. You can use any cleaner that will not leave a film or oily surface. We recommend using alcohol prep pads.
  2. Peel tape from fastener and press firmly into place.
  3. Adhesive reaches maximum strength after 24 hours.

Typical Application: Solar panels, building façade, panels, display and stand construction, furniture and upholstery, transportation interior fixation.

Note: Not recommended for fabrics, dashboards, flexible vinyl, or underwater use. Continued exposure to full sunlight can damage fastener.

Self Adhesive Tape

What can it be used for?

Holding up to 7kg per 50mm x 100mm strip, it makes it the perfect alternative for securing items such as large pictures, mirrors, tools, and other items in and around the home.

Heavy Duty Tape Tools

Get stuck into some creative ideas:

  • Use VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tape for hanging pictures! This will allow for super easy frame placement on your wall. They come in various strengths and will hold the heaviest of frames. 
  • Hang tools on your garage wall to gain easy, efficient access to them without creating the hassle of boxing them up.
  • Hide external hard drives, power strips or cable routers under a desk to avoid having a spaghetti junction pile of cables.
  • Hang your phone, tablet or any smaller device from a wall, kitchen cabinet, or the back of a car seat headrest for convenience.
  • Organise your workspace by bundling items together like pens and pencils.

Here at Marent Hook and Loop, we have a wide range of VELCRO® Brand Tape in all different colours, strengths, and sizes, including other VELCRO® Brand products such as cable ties, coins, fasteners, and much more.

Want to know more? Get in contact with us today!

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Different types of VELCRO® Brand Products Pressure Sensitive (PS) Range

Pressure Sensitive (PS) Range

There are a wide variety of VELCRO® Brand products that can be utilised across a range of different industries.

Want to know more about the Pressure Sensitive (PS) range of hook and loop from Velcro Companies?

From the popular PS14 standard adhesive which is the most widely used product from the PS range, all the way to the PS30 Adhesive – we’ve got you covered. The product range has different adhesive bonding designed for specific needs or substrates with different performance abilities so always refer to our specialists for specific criteria matching.

PS14 (Standard Adhesive) is a rubber resin fitting for most general-purpose applications, will adhere to most exteriors excluding PVC and any plastics bearing plasticisers. PS14 is a low tack adhesive, ideal for use on metal, glass, wood, rigid plastics, and card.

  • Temperature operating range: -15°C to +90°C
  • Tack – Medium/Low
  • Peel average 17 N/cm
  • Special features – high cohesion under temperature.

PS15 (Flame Retardant Adhesive) this hook and loop tape has a flame retardant backing, this is a general-purpose rubber block polymer, used largely in the aviation and automotive industry, the glue has excellent tack and is also perfect for use on Polyethylene and Polypropylene however can also be used on the same surfaces as PS14. PS15 will not adhere well to PVC, Vinyl or anything containing plasticisers. It achieves 80% bond strength in about an hour; full strength in 30 hours, formulated for many substrates, especially uneven or rough surfaces.

  • Tack – Excellent
  • Temperature operating range -40°F to 120°F
  • Peel average 20 N/cm
  • Special features – fire retardant meets F.A.R 25.853 and MVSS302

PS18 (Acrylic) is a high tack water-based adhesive, it offers the best answer when sticking to PVC and plastics with plasticisers. PS18 also adheres well to Foamex so it is good to use in exhibitions; the resin also offers good heat resistance when compared to other adhesives. PS18 is not recommended for use on Polyethylene or Polypropylene.

  • Tack – High
  • Temperature operating range -20ºC to +120ºC
  • Peel average 22 N/cm
  • Special features – high-temperature resistance

PS30 Adhesive VELCRO® Brand Extra Thin Fastener is an adhesive-backed low profile High Technology Hook and Loop closure, allowing easy removal and replacement of indoor devices.

VELCRO® Brand Extruded High Technology Hook with Loop Closure, Low profile for indoor use. Adhesive designed for a wide number of substrates such as aluminium, stainless steel, glass, plywood, polyester, polyethene and polypropylene. The adhesive is not suitable for Vinyl-PVC. Low adhesive temperature resistance – High tack adhesion.

  • Tack – Excellent
  • Temperature operating range -15ºC to +60ºC
  • Peel average 20 N/cm
  • Special features – performs well onto polyolefins. 

PS51 Heavy Duty Self Adhesive is used when in need of extra strength. with VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty tape, you do not need to look anywhere else. With its superior rubber adhesive, it enables use on most services such as metal, glass, wood, rigid plastic, and card. On top of that, because it is weather-resistant it can be used on rough surfaces and even outdoor applications!

Caution: it is not suitable for PVC, Vinyl or anything that involves plasticisers. You will need PS18 for that!

  • Tack – Medium
  • Temperature operating range -15 ºC to +90 ºC
  • Peel average 24 N/cm
  • Special features – High peel strength and performs well on uneven or rough surfaces.

That is it! You are now an expert on the different Pressure Sensitive (PS) range provided by VELCRO® Brand. Other adhesives are available. For any further questions on what type of adhesive to use, get in touch today!

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