ONE-WRAP® VELCRO® Brand Tape: 25m Roll


Perfect for cable & cord management. Easy, adjustable and re-usable.

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Roll (25m)


The VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape is an easy to apply, reusable, safe and ajustable bundling solution. Commonly used for professional cable management within control system, data/IT, DAS, electrical, HVAC, pro AV & security applications.

Typical Applications: Control Systems, DAS, Data Comm, Electrical wires , raw materials bundling, HVAC, Pro AV, Security, cable management, bandages, materials handling, adjustable tape and straps, gardening, fishing equipment, leisure activities

Application Instructions: Cut to length, wrap around cables, fasten to itself

Temperature Range : -20ºC to+100ºC

Base Material: Polypropylene, polyamide

Shelf-life in Days: Indefinite

VEL-OW64100 – 10mm white, VEL-OW64101 – 10mm black

VEL-OW64104 – 10mm yellow, VEL-OW64105 – 10mm red, VEL-OW64109 – 10mm pink

VEL-OW64103 – 10mm royal blue, VEL-OW64107 – 10mm purple, VEL-OW64111 – 10mm orange

VEL-OW64106 – 10mm green, VEL-OW64110 – 10mm aqua

VEL-OW64123 – 13mm aqua, VEL-OW64116 – 13mm royal blue, VEL-OW64122 – 13mm pink, VEL-OW64117 – 13mm yellow, VEL-OW64119 – 13mm green, VEL-OW64120 – 13mm purple, ROJO(530) 13mm red, NARANJA(700) – orange

VEL-OW64127 – 16mm black, VEL-OW64126 – 16mm white, VEL-OW64136 – 16mm aqua, VEL-OW64129 – 16mm royal blue, VEL-OW64135 – 16mm pink, VEL-OW64132 – 16mm green,  VEL-OW64130 – 16mm yellow, VEL-OW64133 – 16mm purple, VEL-OW64131 – 16mm red, VEL-OW64137 – 16mm orange

VEL-OW64139 – 20mm white, VEL-OW64140 – 20mm black, VEL-OW64142 – 20mm royal blue, VEL-OW64148 – 20mm pink, VEL-OW64143 – 20mm yellow, VEL-OW64145 – 20mm green, VEL-OW64146 – 20mm purple, VEL-OW64149 – 20mm aqua, VEL-OW64144 – 20mm red, VEL-OW64150 – 20mm orange

VEL-OW64162 – 25mm aqua, VEL-OW64159 – 25mm purple, VEL-OW64155 – 25mm royal blue, VEL-OW64161 – 25mm pink, VEL-OW64152 – 25mm white, VEL-OW64153 – 25mm black, VEL-OW64156 – 25mm yellow, VEL-OW64163 – 25mm orange

VEL-OW64175 – 30mm aqua, VEL-OW64168 – 30mm royal blue, VEL-OW64174 – 30mm pink, VEL-OW64169 – 30mm yellow, VEL-OW64171 – 30mm green, VEL-OW64172 – 30mm purple, Rojo (530) E99010317 – 30mm red, VEL-OW64165 – 30mm white

VEL-OW64179 – 50mm black, VEL-OW64178 – 50mm white

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10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 50mm, 100mm


Per Meter, Roll (25m)


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