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Stick On Coins are an easy alternative to nails, screws and messy glues allowing for a quick securing solution. Use to keep items tidy and secure such as small tools, notice boards, access panels, electrical appliances and much more. The product will hold up to 300g per 20mm x 20mm hook and loop piece. To use, clean and dry both surfaces. Peel backing paper and press firmly to surfaces. Allow adhesive at least 10 minutes to set before attaching hook and loop to secure the item.

  • Easy to use;
  • Alternative to nails, screws & glues;
  • Holds up to 450g per coin set (20mm x 20mm hook and loop piece);
  • 16 coin sets per pack (20mm x 20mm hook and loop piece);

VEL-EC60227 – 16 mm – White, Pack of 16

VEL EC60228 – 16 mm – Black, Pack of 16

VEL EC60233 – 19mm – White, Pack of 125 (Hook Only)

VEL EC60232 – 19mm – White, Pack of 125 (Loop Only)


Additional information

Weight N/A


Side (Hook/Loop)

Hook, Loop, Pair (Hook & Loop)


16mm, 19mm, 35mm x 12mm

How Many?

16 Coins, 18 Coins, 100 Coins, 125 Coins, 448 Coins


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