VELCRO® Brand High Strength Coins: 45mm, 6 Units


VELCRO® Brand Professional Series High Strength Fastener

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VELCRO® Brand High Strength Coins is an adhesive backed high performance High Technology Hook and Loop closure suitable for indoor heavy & medium-high temperature resistance installations.

VELCRO® Brand Extruded High Technology Hook with Loop Closure, medium profile for indoor use. Adhesive designed for a wide number of substrates such as PVC-vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel, glass, plywood and polyester. Adhesive is not suitable for polyethylene or polypropylene. High adhesive temperature resistance – medium tack adhesion.

Typical Application: Apparel, cable management, panels, polishing discs, orthopaedics, seat trim, aviation, mops, furnishing, straps

Temperature Range: -20ºC to +120ºC
Adhesive Name: PS-18

Clean the surface, remove liner and press, please wait 24 hours.

Product code: VEL-PS20010


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