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What can I use VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop for?

VELCRO® Brand Products

The different industries VELCRO® Brand products serve.

You may or may not know this, but there are lots of different types of VELCRO® Hook & Loop. Different VELCRO® Brand products are utilised to offer many solutions. The range of products can be used to aid the needs and demands of a range of industries, including – industrial, construction, transportation, apparel and footwear to name but a few. VELCRO ® Brand products are great for everyday consumers to help with common jobs around the house and workplace.



VELCRO® Hook & Loop offers a greener solution for builders, architects, and manufacturers. Using VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop minimizes the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it also contributes to less job waste, not to mention it is more time-efficient and a cost effective option. 

What can VELCRO® Hook & Loop be used for in Construction?

Flooring – Reduce and rectify human errors with a fastener, making it easy to install hard and soft flooring. VELCRO® Fasteners are used on a range of materials such as carpet, wood, ceramics, LVT and PVT. Products can be utilised for both short-term and long-term installations. 

Building Envelope – Ensure the foundations are right from the get-go. With VELCRO® Brand Fasteners you can install components like ceilings, insulation, decorative panels, and much more. VELCRO® Hook & Loop offers fast and simple mounting and dismounting. Depending on your needs such as strength, open/close cycles, environment etc there are different options available. When using VELCRO® Brand Fasteners alongside nailing, stapling, and screwing you can expect a longer-lasting performance. 

Cable Management – Do you find your cables are in a mess or need them to be more organised? With VELCRO® Hook & Loop cable ties you can have an easy, adjustable, and reusable option. VELCRO® Brand products can provide a nice aesthetic finish to cables utilising the colour matching hook and loop whilst tidying and arranging cables.  

Explore our range on Industrial VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop here.



Did you know that VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop is used extensively in vehicles? Like the ones you drive daily, leading car manufacturers incorporate the product when putting together things like seat trim covers, interior linings, cable management etc. 

What can VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop be used for in Transportation?

Car Seats – The majority of seat designs need a certain tie-down system. The solutions offered by hook & loop enable adjustable solutions and a lot of strength in a range of designs. VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop die-cut pieces are effortlessly altered to fit different seat designs. 

Vehicle Interior – VELCRO® Brand Fasteners reduce production time by simplifying the construction of automotive interior parts, including carpets, door panels, headliners, seatbelts, and instrument panels. Velcro Companies manufacture hook and loop fastener products in a range of shapes and sizes to meet specific needs. Quick and simple assembly solutions are available for car headliners, with adhesive and non-adhesive binding options. Fasteners can also be used for fixing trunk accessories including – safety triangles, first aid kits and more.

Apparel & Footwear


You might not know this, but VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop is used for footwear apparel. Think about your children and their shoes – that’s hook & loop probably manufactured by Velcro Companies! Now, why would hook & loop be used you might ask, simple it meets the resistant requirements for weather, fire, and water, making it an ideal solution.

What can VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop be used for in Apparel and Footwear?

Outdoor Clothing – Due to extreme conditions, outdoor performance clothing depends on the dependability of VELCRO® Brand fasteners. The hook and loop solutions can be maximised across a range of products including jackets for hikers, skiers and more.

Workwear – Do you work on construction sites or in a warehouse or factory? Your workwear probably has a VELCRO® Fastener. Why? It holds together and can handle difficult weather having been designed around such circumstances. There is also the opportunity for fire retardant options when needed. 

Fashion – You would not automatically put fashion and VELCRO® Brand fasteners in the same sentence. But designers do! As a designer they require aesthetically pleasing solutions that perform, that is why they choose VELCRO® Brand Products and now so can you!

Bags and Other Accessories – Think about how often you use your backpack, handbag and other wearables. How many times do you fasten your bags? Quite a lot, so that is where you need durability and longevity – that’s why VELCRO® Brand fasteners are the ideal solution.

Look through our useful VELCRO® Brand portfolio, suitable for apparel and footwear.



If you want faster, and enhanced lifespan and functionality of your end product, you need VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Hook and loop is easy to use and minimise manufacturing times, material costs and labour. Whatever the strength you need a specific VELCRO® Brand product can be designed and manufactured to accommodate.

What can VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop be used for in Industrial applications?

Cable Management and Electronics – Cable management can be accommodated with both continuous tape and cable ties that provide solutions for a variety of industry professionals. Ease the installation process with soft cable ties and reusability are key factors in product longevity and environmental implications. 

Furnishing – As a Velcro Companies Premium Distributor we can accommodate your needs with VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop that can be used for furnishing. Velcro Companies supply and partner with leading furniture brands across the globe. Now you can use it too.

Textile & Haberdashery – What traditional fasteners are you using for haberdashery? Forget what you know – Velcro Companies woven and non-woven products are an intelligent alternative to what you’re used to. When you think of VELCRO® Brand – think of reliability and innovation and that’s why you need it.

Why not check out our industrial range.

Which VELCRO® Brand Fastener is the strongest and what can it be used for? 

VELCRO® Brand Sticky-Back Fasteners are ideal for light items, think of it this way if you’re constantly removing and adding these items – this is the VELCRO® Brand Product for you.

Need something more? Why not look at VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tape – you get 50% more holding power than normal hook and loop fasteners. If you need to use it for glass, metal and the majority of plastics, this is for you. Forget about screws and nails – a cleaner and easier solution.

Is this not enough? Don’t worry that’s where you can use VELCRO® Brand Alfa-Lok fasteners. This is the strongest fastener, and this is where we move into long term attachments where you will not be opening and closing as often. Expect high strength and an awesome option instead of screws and nails.

Here are 5 ways to use VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Fasteners

  • Install a smoke alarm without nails/screws.
  • Stop slipping rugs.
  • Install push lights.
  • Make a wall-mounted utensil holder.
  • Mount bathroom accessories on the wall.

Now you’re a hook & loop expert! For more about VELCRO® Brand products and how you can use them, keep an eye on socials and visit our website regularly for more posts and shop the latest VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop products!

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